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Can you tell us what Hispola is?

It is a Polish-Spanish association that aims to integrate Poles in the area by organizing various cultural events, creating projects and any assistance that will help newly arrived Poles adapt faster.

Our goal is also to connect Poles with their Spanish neighbors in joint events, because we believe that you can't live in a foreign country in a hermetic group without assimilation and sharing experiences.

Where did the idea to form the association come from?

The idea was born some time before the final formalization of Hispola. I think it was the result of a number of events that convinced me that there was a need for this type of organization in the area.I received many signals from friends that newcomers could be used during the process of formalizing life here.

They asked me for help due to the fact that I had lived here for some time and knew people who knew what the procedures were without commercial attitudes. However, I want to emphasize that there are plenty of honest Polish or Spanish companies or individuals who do their work professionally and ethically.

Who is your association aimed at?

For anyone who wants to help, integrate and act on behalf of the local community. Polish citizenship is not required, but any connection to Polish society is.

How long have you been operating on the Costa Blanca?

As of February 2022

Can you tell us something about yourself?

My name is Anieszka Juniewicz and I am a Poznan piraga.It is given to me to live under the Spanish sky for more than 8 years, and the reason for choosing this place was love.

I have been running my language school LINGUARNIA for more than 6 years in the center of Santa Pola, where in addition to classes we are involved in various projects participating in local life combining different cultures.My passion is travel -these small as well as large, where, discovering the world, I learn to live among people and for people. I use every such experience in my work as an educator and community worker. I am also interested in music, I like to read, and as time allows I run and ski. I wouldn't be myself if I didn't say that spending time with friends doesn't also give me a lot of satisfaction.

Can you tell us more about working with the consulate in Barcelona?

It started with a consular duty that had place at the headquarters of my school in June 2023. I was asked to organize such a pre-service because they had noticed a large influx of Poles to the Alicante area and wanted to enable their compatriots to handle consular matters in the area without having to travel to Barcelona.

After the success of the duty station, during which 50 people were served in two days, I was entrusted with the mission of creating a committee during the November 2023 parliamentary elections in Alicante.It was another success and thanks to a group of dedicated people, we created two committees that efficiently and culturally conducted the elections.It was an extraordinary experience for all of us and a real an expression of social upheaval and a sense of community outside the country, which is, after all, our priority.

How many Poles did your association manage to gather?

I think that aside from the elections, the largest number we could boast of was during the recent Independence Day picnic, which we organized for the second time on the beach in Guardamar. Thanks to 250 people, it was fun, joyful, but also patriotic as we sang the Polish anthem with the white and red flag flying.

At our picnics there is never a shortage of delicious Polish food, which is prepared by the participants. New friendships are formed, as well as informal groups.

I think that all of us who come there need to feel that we are Poles and belong to some community despite the fact that we live far from our homeland.

This sense of belonging helps us adapt, and if we have someone next to us in a similar situation it allows us to feel more confident. These are my reflections after talking to various compatriots at our meetings.

What have you been able to organize so far?

To summarize our activities so far, I will highlight again the consular duty, the Alicante parliamentary elections, two Independence Day picnics, helping to organize the Chopin concert in Santa Pola, several smaller meetings of an integrative nature, and hundreds of conversations and consultations with compatriots moving or planning to live in the Alicante area.

Where do you organize meetings and how can contact you?

Meetings usually take place in an open area such as the beach in Guardamar. We keep you informed on our FB profile.

What are you planning for the upcoming 2024?

I can certainly tell you today about the next consular duty in Santa Pola on March 14/15. At the beginning of February, it will be possible to sign up on the consulate's website. We will inform about it on our website. The second event we are planning is another Chopin concert in May in Santa Fields under the auspices of the Consulate in Barcelona, but this time in a larger hall. Of course, in November we will have a picnic and hopefully again with such a turnout. We have some other ideas, but we are still working on it. We'll be posting about everything on FBi or instagram, and of course on Polska Costa, with which I'm pleased to initiate the cooperation.

Is there anything in particular you'd like to pass on to your compatriots living in Spain?

First of all, to let them know that they are not alone here. There are a bunch of great people of good willing to share their experience and knowledge of the intricacies, peculiarities of this place. We do not want to leave anyone unanswered, although we are not always able to help, but we try to find solutions to every situation.

We always promote honest companies and fight against "piracy" when it comes to formal issues. And who can join us? Any honest, enthusiastic and idea-driven person who wants to help pro bono.

Hispola is open, receptive to new and interesting people thanks to whom we will grow, please check our profile if you are interested in our future events or various interesting facts, which we post from time to time.

If you have any questions, please write to the Hispola messenger or email:


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