Thursday, June 13, 2024

Park next to N-332 road is open for use

Torrevieja/May 28, 2024

The area of this flood park is 4,533 square meters, with an average depth of 3.2 meters, and it was done with a budget of 570,505 euros (including VAT). This expansion provided more storage capacity (18,000 m3) for water, minimizing flooding in the area.

In addition to these measures, the flood park installed an irrigation network, carried out planting and gardening work to improve the aesthetics of the area, as well as benches and trash garbage cans, a recreation area for animals and cameras to monitor the pond. To demarcate the boundaries and protect the area, an ecological fence made of wooden logs set in a concrete base has been placed on the west side, and a sliding entrance gate has been installed that will have a schedule for opening and closing.

The mayor of Torrevieja, Eduardo Dolón; councilor for municipal services, Sandra Sánchez, councilor for parks and gardens, Sandra Sánchez. parks and Gardens, Concha Sala, AGAMED manager, Jorge Ballesta, deputy manager, Gemma Cruz, and AGAMED works manager, Miguel Mazón, today visited the flood control park located on the left bank of the N-332 road, in the urbanization of Doña Inés, which opens today for public use upon its complete completion.

Work on this reservoir began in July 2023, and it receives water from the reservoir attached to the Los Mercados site and from the ditch on the east side of the N-332 road, with a capacity of 18,000 m3, in order to minimize the flooding episodes experienced by the residents of this area of Torrevieja.

With the goal of minimizing flooding in the Doña Inés neighborhood and taking into account the the volume of flows entering the area where the reservoir is located, it was deemed necessary to enlarge it to 18,000 m3.

It is worth noting that the area of the planned expansion reservoir is 4,533 square meters, and the average depth is 3.2 meters. The total construction budget is 570,505 euros (including VAT).

In order to build this solution, various tasks were carried out, including clearing and clearing the plot, as well as the necessary excavation and clearing of the land. In addition, an access ramp to the bottom of the reservoir was created, and the pipes of the existing works of the transverse was extended to the bottom of the new reservoir.

The embankments crowning the reservoir were also built, and the slopes were covered with medium-sized rock fill. An access ramp was also paved and the bottom was prepared, creating preferential paths for water and creating islands and tree surrounds, bounded by curbs.

Author: Ayuntamiento de Torrevieja


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