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Laws and regulations regarding dogs in Spain

Pets/May 18, 2024

Spain, with its beautiful landscapes and friendly culture, is also a country where pets, including dogs, have their own place in society. To safeguard animal welfare and maintain public order, Spain has enacted a number of regulations regarding the ownership and care of dogs.

Registration and identification:

Under Spanish regulations, every dog must be registered and have identification. Owners are required to microchip their dogs, allowing the animal to be uniquely identified. Microchipping is mandatory and makes it easier to find the owner in case of disappearance.


All dogs in Spain must be vaccinated against rabies according to current regulations. Owners are required to keep their vaccinations up to date and have the appropriate veterinary documents upon request.

Suggested vaccinations for dogs in Spain include:

Leptospirosis vaccination: Although not mandatory, leptospirosis vaccination is often recommended, especially for dogs living in areas with higher risk areas, such as rural areas.

Vaccination against Leishmaniasis: This mosquito-borne disease is relatively common in some regions of Spain. Depending on your location, your veterinarian may recommend vaccination against Leishmaniosis.

Ban on breeding dogs in inhumane conditions:

Spain has enacted legislation that prohibits breeding dogs in inhumane conditions. Breeders must meet certain standards, providing the animals with proper housing, veterinary care and adequate nutrition.

Waste and hygiene:

Dog owners are required to keep public areas where they walk their pets clean. Leaving dog feces on the streets is subject to fines.

Prohibition of certain beaches and green areas:

In order to protect the environment and ensure public safety, certain beaches and green areas are closed to dogs. Owners should be aware of the signs and obey the prohibitions to avoid possible penalties.

Liability for dog behavior:

Dog owners are fully responsible for the behavior of their pets. If a dog behaves aggressively or dangerously, the owner can be held legally responsible.

Mandatory dog insurance:

Spain has introduced mandatory liability insurance for dogs to protect owners and others. The policy covers possible damage caused by the dog during its public life, such as attacks on other animals or people. Lack of such insurance exposes the owner to a fine of between 500 and 10,000 euros.

Ban on leaving dogs alone in front of a store or in a vehicle:

Spain has laws prohibiting leaving dogs alone in front of a store or in a vehicle without proper supervision. These practices can lead to suffering for the animal, and the owner faces a fine.

How long does a dog can be left alone at home?

According to the law, an animal can be left unattended at home for a maximum of 24 hours. Those who do not comply with this regulation can be fined up to €10,000.

Mandatory course for dog owner?

Following the introduction of the new animal welfare law, there are still many issues to be regulated. One of these issues is the mandatory course and test that will have to be passed by both those who plan to to adopt an animal, as well as those who already own one.

To know the details of the course, we will have to wait for approval of the regulations. The draft has been subjected to public consultation. Only after the draft is approved will we know when and where the course will be available, as well as its content. It is announced that the course will also be available online.

The introduction of the new regulations is intended not only to protect animals, but also to promote harmonious coexistence between them and humans. Every dog owner in Spain should be aware of these principles to jointly create a safe and friendly society.


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